Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Nightmare: Russian brides on the entry tagging page

[21:29] Azz: I had a nightmare that said that on the tags page for users who see ads, on the right side there was this service that advertised Russian brides and Jewish singles whose mothers were matchmaking for them, either with or without their knowledge. That's not going to happen, right?
[21:29] Azz: tags page = entry tagging page
[21:29] JD: not unless they revamp then advertise /singles/
[21:30] Azz: and the code from the ad was messing with the tags list display for some of my friendslist. I was fearfully worried when I woke up.
[21:30] Azz: 'cause the page was THERE and I was ON IT and I couldn't get it to work right!
[21:31] Azz: (and when I was small I had nightmares about monsters. I'm not sure this is better.)

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