Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

LJ meta, planned

So, if there were to be a "care and feeding of the LJ user" document written for actual LJ higher-ups, what sort of things should go in it?

For starters: you're going to want as low a bullshit content as is practical (for no company, especially no company involved in IT amirite is going to be operating without a certain level of bullshit). LJ users, the ones that make themselves known, feel like they should be treated more like stockholders, entirely possibly because they are the creators of the content that fuels the whole shebang, see synecdochic's excellent treatise on advertising in social media and how it can go sour fast. Except unlike stockholders, LJ users collectively have the spare time to shred any and every public statement to pieces, spot logical inconsistencies, and generally fling cat macros (and other forms of unhappiness) if displeased. (Because, seriously, we write for fun. If we feel something endangers our fun...)

LJ users operate on LJ time, not on business time. Overnight is enough time for five tabloids to get involved, including Slashdot, The Register, and the Valley Wag.

Since LJ users act like stockholders, don't present something as a fiat unless you're prepared to stand hard on it. Instead, stand pretty firmly in a spot you think you probably won't have to or want to back down from, but have some room for negotiating.

This one is going to take at least a week of hacking on and brainstorming, maybe more of polishing.

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