Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

My plans for the weekend!

Saturday: off from work due to bereavement. Not going to work at 10:30pm and answering tech questions until 7am Sunday morning, instead, sleeping quite a bit.
Sunday morning, 3am: alarm goes off
Sunday morning, 5am: YOU HAD BETTER BE GOOD AND READY warning.
Sunday morning, ~5:15am: depart for airport.
6am: arrive at airport.
7am: depart from airport.
9am: arrive at other airport.
9am-1pm: ???
1pm-4pm: Memorial weenie roast in honor of Grandma.
4pm-5pm: ???
5pm: I should have an airport about here-ish.
7pm: depart from airport.
9pm: arrive at other airport.
10pm: collapse in own bed. Cry.

Monday: Wear the sweater to school. Be calm, look cute. Definitely wear lipgloss. Anime with Darkside, as early as either of us can stand it.
Tuesday: off from work due to bereavement.
Tuesday morning sometime: free for suggestions.
Wednesday: off from work due to bereavement.
Wednesday evening: writers group!
Thursday morning: getting some sleep already
Thursday evening: going to work like a good little tech.

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