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Tweets for 2008-08-06

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0028: @fireflysays is helpful. I don't remember my settings off the top of my head, but just log in with OpenID and play.
  • Tuesday, 0950: @pheret1 Welcome to the new branch of evil. This is a good thing for those moments where IRC may not be ready for the random.
  • Tuesday, 1032: Reading classic HP fic, looking at to-do list and floor, which is mostly visible but hardly tidy. I still win at visibility though.
  • Tuesday, 1033: I don't see the sense in getting married to someone who will never want to hear about your Wacky Adventures a la bachelor party.
  • Tuesday, 1103: Nuisance call: 310 599 5636, vehicle warranty protection. Used their automated removal option just now. We'll see.
  • Tuesday, 1135: GHA. These messages are entirely too cute and silly. The two of us are clearly 6th grade girls, as we are neither dating nor married.
  • Tuesday, 1136: @idonotlikepeas OK, that sentence needs to be slapped with a fish of iron.
  • Tuesday, 1217: When I'm beading things, I need to think about a Silver Eyes necklace.
  • Tuesday, 1447: More floor visible. Current message thread with best friend: 64 messages, spanning 5 days -- 3 from 5 days ago, 6 from the 3rd.
  • Tuesday, 1502: @ursamajor Ha!
  • Tuesday, 1520: Hiveminder is for reminding me that I need to make sure the sex toys get put out of sight before the best friend gets invited over.
  • Tuesday, 1541: Attempting to move an old thing into google calendar. It is tough going as that year was a dramathon.
  • Tuesday, 1621: Got praised for my leet rephrasing skills:
  • Tuesday, 1653: @lady_angelina I would imagine to open stuff and scrape stuff off of stuff.
  • Tuesday, 1712: Into February of the Year of Drama, we are to hope that I can toss this after it's all transcribed. Bleh.
  • Tuesday, 1726: I really hate the spacy sensation that means I've not had proper nutrition. Happens on those days I'm reading/computering a lot, and forget.
  • Tuesday, 1822: Finished entering the Dayplanner of Drama to my google calendar.
  • Tuesday, 1834: @gameboyguy13 see, @norabombay has turned me into a (reluctant) fangirl of Justin Timberlake and Britney. Now that's embarrassing.
  • Tuesday, 1856: We're now up to 84 messages. Things get sillier and sillier.
  • Tuesday, 1857: @gameboyguy13 At least I'm not a *screaming* fangirl. I couldn't take that.
  • Tuesday, 1938: Nuisance call: 802 282 4394, more vehicle repairs spam. Used their removal option. I think this is the 2nd type of these. *stabbity*
  • Tuesday, 2046: We are still cleaning up sequins from the previous resident.

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