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Tweets for 2008-08-09

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 0802: I got a better signal (in a thunder storm) from the neighbors' two-bar unsecured wireless than our router's five bar. HULK SMASH.
  • Friday, 0803: @asciident Simultaneous.
  • Friday, 0943: Roommates ordered me to bed in Japanese. This caused assorted silliness as H advanced with shoo-hands, and I responded with chewed gum.
  • Friday, 0944: @ursamajor I was right.
  • Friday, 1009: @ursamajor Yay!
  • Friday, 1013: The Traumatic CCFF00 Underwear are gracing a trash bin near me, as they had become 999933 and holesome.
  • Friday, 1520: I have a headache caused by being awake in the middle of my sleep cycle.
  • Friday, 2019: Co-worker last night: "Just call me Miss Sarcasm." Me: "Oddly enough, when I mention you in LJ posts, that's the nickname I picked." "Cool!"
  • Friday, 2041: Post of Doom got no love today, as I was catching up with other stuff. Blackberry and iPhone people got pointers.
  • Friday, 2044: Reporters booted from Black Hat con:
  • Friday, 2144: @gameboyguy13 *hugs* *pets* You're a good little brother.
  • Friday, 2153: Usage: asterisks are not for a parenthetical statement. They are for an action. Parentheses are for a parenthetical statement. *smites*
  • Friday, 2157: Music: "No One Mourns the Wicked" in my head. Stuck there a bit.

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