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IRC silliness.

It was a slow weekend. Thus, there was no dev available in IRC to poke to see if there was a quick fix for a site scheme issue. So I submitted it as a suggestion instead, with the notation in the ordered list of benefits: "Posting a suggestion is better than hitting a dev with a frying pan in IRC and maintains the suggestions process better."

So, this morning in IRC:

[discussion on how my workplace and lj support procedures differ]
[10:21] kevin|work: depends on the situation obviously, sometimes devs/ops do get emailed, but out of convenience it's not usually necessary
[10:21] Azz: sometimes we sneak up behind 'em in IRC and whack 'em over the head with a frying pan.
[10:22] kevin|work: :P
[10:22] Marta: they like that though
[10:23] * kevin|work readies his skillet
[10:24] *** janinedog has joined #lj_support.
[10:24] * Azz clonk
[10:25] Azz: speaking of sneaking up behind devs and whacking 'em over the head with a frying pan, hi Janine!
[10:25] kevin|work: another one!
[10:25] * kevin|work gets his net
[10:26] janinedog: Heh hi
[10:27] kevin|work: o/
[10:34] *** Andrew|275 has signed off IRC (Quit: Leaving).
[10:49] *** kevin|work has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link: ajax IRC Client).
[10:50] Carrie: big announcement, folks:
[10:50] *** Lyssa has signed off IRC (Quit: AIRPORT! ARIZONA!).
[10:51] *** tupshin has joined #lj_support.
[10:51] *** Mode change "+o tupshin" for channel #lj_support by ChanServ.
[10:51] burr86: nice :)
[10:51] Azz: Yay!
[10:52] * Azz greets tupshin with open frying pans
[10:52] * V_PauAmma_V hands Azz a rolling pin, for variety.
[10:52] tupshin: well...that's a warmer greeting than I usually get

And then there's just the surreal.

[15:28] Azz: JD, honey, you're being paged in #dw
[15:28] JD: oh?
[15:28] phoenix: o_O
[15:28] Azz: Schools.
[15:28] * Azz shoo JD
[15:28] jc: JD honey? I'd pay for that.
[15:28] JD: pay for what >_>
[15:28] JD: ... oh
[15:28] JD: haha
[15:28] JD: how much?
[15:29] Azz: ummmm....
[15:29] * phoenix shakes her head
[15:29] * Azz sticks fingers in ears. La la la I can't hear you.
[15:29] JD: what. i'm a broke college student.
[15:29] Azz: wait, irc.
[15:29] * Azz sticks fingers in eyes.
[15:29] Azz: Ow.
[15:29] * JD hands azz eyespork.
[15:29] phoenix: six seconds to get from 'wha?' to 'how much?'
[15:29] JD: yeah, that was "realization"
[15:30] phoenix: you realise slowly, but you think fast once you achieve realisation
[15:30] JD: :D

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