Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Hooray for being a good little vol!

I have been in and out of suggestions all day today. It is my stated goal to get up through 2005 tagged appropriately (either "~ historical" to go back and fix in a second run, or actually fully) before tonight ends.

Let's see how far I get. I'm in January 2004 right now, which is not bad going. I will probably not succeed, but at least I'll get somewhere.

I do keep getting distracted, but this entry is actually not so bad of a distraction as it might seem, because I have to see the page following an update. So I might as well update.

Darkside was not much with the awake yesterday. I'm not sure what happened today, but animé didn't. Partly, I was a little too much wanting to stay in. Next week, though, I hope to get together as per what is now the usual.

Called Dawn. Giggled a lot.

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