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The department I'm in is starting to require an internal certification. Today, I hit the minimum number of posts half an hour before time to go home. They're really pushing for our department to get certified, so that was an opportunity, and I hit the books. (Well, the virtual books.) The certification is open-resource, as it involves the use of the resources as one of the things they're testing on. No one is expected to hold all of that in their heads. I scored 95%, which is not perfect but not bad.

There was one question that made no sense. The question was, in essence, "As illustrated by this thing that you have to take about five to ten steps to look up, what is the log file entry in Column C that indicates that such and such a wine-related task has been done -- is it FOO_RHUBARB_BAR, FOO_PEACH_BAR, BAZ_GRAPE_CRISP, BAZ_GRAPE_BAR, or BAZ_ORANGE_BAR?" The log file in question, however, had its Column C filled with CARPETFUZZ_MOCKS_ME all the way down in a stern and sturdy way that indicated that carpetfuzz would mock you, too, if you attempted to inquire after any sort of fruits there.

It was simple enough to pick the answer from the multiple choices given, as since it was wine-related, it had to be one of the GRAPE commands, and knowledge of internal jargon plus the presence of the other commands made it clear that _CRISP was the ringer. But it was supposed to be an exercise in looking things up, not an exercise in logic.

In far sillier and perhaps less surreal news, a co-worker of mine and one of his teammates were arguing over the term "Dutch oven". To my friend, it means that clay or perhaps cast-iron contraption that is used in slow-cooking. To his teammate, it was a slang term describing the frankly disgusting practice of breaking wind in bed, and pulling the covers over one's bedmate's head so they get to share. "A cast-iron Dutch oven? Harsh, man! She couldn't get *out*!" We boggled over that for a while. We can both see it as a slang definition, but not as the official and only definition attached to the term.

Conversation drifted, and wound up at RFID chips, and paranoia, and blocking them, and a bizarre craft project involving soda cans and melted garbage bags to make an RFID-opaque purse. He scoffed, not at the science but at the craft project, as really, any sufficiently enclosing-the-thing bit of metal will work.

... You know how conversations work. We were suddenly back where we started, with the RFID-opaque Dutch Oven. Both kinds.

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