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Knightmares! 1x05: "Fruitless"; 1x06: "Time Heals All Wounds"; 1x07: "Laundry Day"

1x05: "Fruitless"

Miranda, Ecchi-chan, Amiko, and the other women turn their talents to finding the masterminds behind the plot. Miranda searches for all the effects the puppet has had and their implications. Ecchi-chan scours the blogosphere. Amiko is placed under Dark's protection, so he carries out bodyguard duties. Amiko takes the opportunity to grill Dark. All the research turns up very little: dead ends and disappearances. Disappointed, they decide the masterminds have gone to ground, but vow that they will discover the truth no matter how long it takes.

1x06: "Time Heals All Wounds"

The guard on Amiko has been loosened, but she still has a security presence -- she is now working in/from Dark's office, trading some of her research and advisory skills for his security work, in addition to doing her own work. The timetraveling woman shows up on Dark's doorstep, demanding Dark's intervention ... this time on her own memories. Dark attempts to refuse. She argues with him, reminding him that this is not the first time has has done this to her. We are shown a series of flashbacks, where Dark has blurred her memories in the past, all unaware. He blurs her memories under protest, telling her that she is using him as a crutch to avoid her own problems.

1x07: "Laundry Day"

It's a typical weekend for Dark as he launders approximately twenty identical black outfits, has lunch with some of his less-wanted hacking and cracking friends, and casually evades several attempted hits (both contract and personal) from a few of the people he has annoyed over the years. This much-needed comic relief episode features perhaps not quite as much collateral property damage as a typical day with Vash the Stampede or the Lovely Angels

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