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Tweets for 2008-08-27

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 2355: Eee spending time with best friend is fun. And then we got into writing-geekery. He needs more practice, and a day job. :D
  • Monday, 2357: @kestrelct I recommend a spreadsheet to track them. Or something.
  • Tuesday, 0025: Yeah, "oh girl" sums this one up:
  • Tuesday, 0026: I'm all a-buzz now. Thanks, best friend in the universe. Note to self: dig up folder with thing, just in case it is the one.
  • Tuesday, 0149: Had to explain the following to best friend: two roommates (not one), and the difference between Steph and Shawn. :D Silly man.
  • Tuesday, 0150: (That last in the context of Crossover vs. Knightmares, heh.)
  • Tuesday, 0448: Have warned roommates that R. Daneel, who is short, red, noisy, and has running lights, is loose in the kitchen and dining room.
  • Tuesday, 0559: The dining room and kitchen look SO NICE. Thanks, R. Daneel!
  • Tuesday, 0616: R. Daneel is now charging the charge of the just. I suspect they make the charger easy-release because of the nature of Roomba.
  • Tuesday, 0655: top 50 hottest sci-fi girls, hee! Very clearly written by/for the geekboy.
  • Tuesday, 0658: After the Roombalucion, Tango reminded me of Adventures with Toy Blimps:
  • Tuesday, 0702: @idonotlikepeas Yes, yes I do. He also solves mysteries in his spare time, like "Where the **** did the cats put that?!?!"
  • Tuesday, 0716: Chores log: took out the trash, brought in the rest of the groceries.
  • Tuesday, 0728: @marcelle42 The very one! [lj]Myrrhianna insists that when the living room is done, it must be with the cats present. Can hardly wait.
  • Tuesday, 0731: Working my way through the mood theme. I suspect I will not get this done via the console, which makes for less easy packaging for later.
  • Tuesday, 0733: Need to re-read the Sith Academy at least once every two years, and I am overdue:
  • Tuesday, 0802: @afuna WILL IS SO MUCH FUN. (For those on the same IRC network: #shakespeare, talk to Will.)
  • Tuesday, 0808: "...Monday, fill the flask with Tic-Tacs." (wait, that's not how the song goes?)
  • Tuesday, 0831: Whee, I have decommissioned my mood icons that were hosted at Petridish, and moved hosting to LJ. Readers should expect more stability.
  • Tuesday, 0902: R. Daneel, having charged, is now covering the living room. The old TV stand is problematic, and the lovely geometric rug is too high.
  • Tuesday, 0902: The geometric rug will just need manual vacuuming. Dismount is not an issue; mount is.
  • Tuesday, 0904: Roomba does not hurt when roombashing into your toes. It merely startles.
  • Tuesday, 0912: A broomstick laid horizontally upon the floor works decently as a Roomba wall, and a little more sharply defined than a virtual one.
  • Tuesday, 0925: Scheming about Vulcan mood themes ( Any strong emotion needs clever scripting.
  • Tuesday, 1024: @lady_angelina See link! Ask the creator!
  • Tuesday, 1027: @lady_angelina Join #shakespeare, say something with "will" somewhere in there. AI Will responds with random lines. He's seeded with Bard.
  • Tuesday, 1051: @marcelle42, @lady_angelina, my bad. He's an AI of some kind that takes seeded input then responds when spoken to. Ask Kira, he's hers.
  • Tuesday, 1310: Googled up pretty lyrics:
  • Tuesday, 1356: @mayerman nom nom nom chocolate chips!
  • Tuesday, 1409: Local news: "Man who fired gun in hospital re-arrested" , retweeting @evtrib, wtf.
  • Tuesday, 1430: R. Daneel is on 3rd round of the day, sucking around the hall bathroom and the hall. Carried monitor down stairs for Myrrh. Am strong one.
  • Tuesday, 1431: @mayerman you may gain more appreciation in #shakespeare.
  • Tuesday, 1435: Nibs stood there looking at R. Daneel for like 2 minutes with a question-tail. When I emerged from the darkness, she fled, tail puffed a bit
  • Tuesday, 1450: Walled Daneel off somewhere that is not him RoomBonking my door.
  • Tuesday, 1454: via Making Light: Dr. Horrible ponies.
  • Tuesday, 1502: Re-wailled, as my first attempt did not hold against a determined vacuum cleaner in search of dirt.
  • Tuesday, 2127: @mayerman But that would have been less fun.

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