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IRC, now with more bonus... anatomy.

(I rejoin, after a prolonged absence.)

[17:14] Lacey: Speaking of cookies!
[17:14] * mayerman read as cooties and though that was kind of rude
[17:14] gerg: I read that as cocks
[17:14] gerg: >_>
[17:14] JD: what else is new
[17:14] Azz|bed: mmm, cookies.
[17:15] mayerman: mmm, c- y'know what nevermind
[17:15] phoenix: cockies?
[17:15] Azz|bed: :D
[17:15] mayerman: i'm already in the qdb once tonight, i think that's enough
[17:15] Azz|bed: that warms the cockies of my heart?
[17:15] remark: ........
[17:16] mayerman: hahaha
[17:16] Lacey: el oh elllll
[17:17] mayerman: for some reason the summary "failure of wrapping" makes me giggle
[17:17] gerg: mmm, girl scout cockies
[17:17] JD: ... i was about to "oooh" at that because thin mints. but then i reread. and just wtfed
[17:17] gerg: hahahaha
[17:18] Lacey: ha
[17:18] mayerman: JD: wouldn't you "oooh" anyway?
[17:18] Azz|bed: that ... would be, what, transgirlscouts?
[17:18] Lacey: shrink-wrapped cockies, going fast!
[17:18] JD: not from girl scouts, no
[17:18] mayerman: O_o
[17:19] Azz|bed: put it in a box!
[17:19] JD: cut a hole in the box
[17:19] mayerman: hahahaha
[17:19] Lacey: Put it in the box, put it in the box
[17:19] mayerman: wouldn't you need the cut the hole first >_>
[17:19] JD: yes. that's step 1.
[17:19] Lacey: < /amywinehouse >
[17:19] gerg: not if they were shrinkwrapped already.
[17:19] JD: >_<
[17:19] gerg: Lacey: no, no, no.
[17:20] JD: i think this conversation can stop in this direction now <_<
[17:20] gerg: JD: that's what condoms are don'tchaknow.
[17:20] Lacey: I don't got the time!
[17:20] gerg: shrinkwrap kits for your cockies.
[17:20] phoenix: hahahhaa
[17:20] mayerman: ahahah oh god
[17:20] Azz|bed: Cox sucks. :(
[17:20] gerg: no, see, you suck the cox... not the... wait.
[17:21] Azz|bed: in Soviet Russia, the cox sucks you?
[17:21] mayerman: well that would be weird O_o
[17:21] ryan: o_O
[17:21] mayerman: and imo not nearly as fun
[17:22] Lacey: gerg, you always want to talk about cock.
[17:22] JD: who doesn't \o/
[17:22] Gil_S: s/talk about//
[17:22] remark: ..
[17:22] * ryan raises hand. I am totally straight. I never want to talk about cocks ever
[17:22] remark: I'm totally straight and I always want to talk about cocks
[17:22] remark: how strange
[17:22] mayerman: want to cock? wat
[17:22] JD: yes indeed sam. how strange
[17:22] JD: it's almost as if...
[17:22] gerg: COCKS ANONYMOUS
[17:22] gerg: hi, my name is sam, and I'm addicted to cocks
[17:23] mayerman: gerg: be careful, that's how you get diseases
[17:23] Lacey: 12-step cocks?
[17:23] JD: well i wasn't going to say it.
[17:23] mayerman: 12-step? god, i don't have that much time
[17:23] gerg: step 5: apologize to all the cocks you've wronged before
[17:23] remark: ...
[17:23] Azz|bed: ... ok, now, I have a mental image of a cock with like 12 literal steps on it.
[17:23] Azz|bed: thanks, guys
[17:23] mayerman: o_o
[17:23] ryan: .....
[17:23] Lacey: loooooooooooooongcock
[17:24] gerg: footprints on the cocks
[17:24] remark: !!!!!
[17:24] JD: ...
[17:24] mayerman: Lacey: is loooooooong?
[17:24] Lacey: These boots were made for walkin.
[17:24] Lacey: mayerman: So it seems!
[17:24] gerg: /no.
[17:24] Azz|bed: (this just gets funnier if you substitute "rooster")
[17:24] *** Amanda is now known as Amanda|zzz.
[17:25] Lacey: Oh god, my mom has roosters and rooster calendars all over our house
[17:25] remark: what a sad, sad childhood it must have been
[17:25] Lacey: Wasn't always this way, just the past few years
[17:26] Lacey: She wants to have roosters. If she's actively trying to make me leave, well
[17:26] Azz|bed: Lacey: so your mom is obsessed with cocks?
[17:26] Lacey: Quitw.
[17:26] Lacey: Quite.
[17:26] gerg: i have a 12-step program she might be interested in
[17:27] mayerman: ahahahahahahaha
[17:27] gerg: (if i were straight, that would be "i have a 12-inch program she WAS INTERESTED IN LAST NIGHT OH SNAP")
[17:27] JD: hahaha >_>
[17:27] mayerman: somehow i got "strap on" out of that sentence
[17:27] gerg: ...
[17:27] JD: ...
[17:27] remark: gerg, because a 12-incher is only useful for straight men
[17:27] phoenix: oh snap -> strap on?
[17:27] Azz|bed: 12" strap-on for the *OW*
[17:28] Lacey: That would only be o snap if I were bothered by it.... strangely, I'm more okay with this than I should be >.>
[17:28] gerg: no, but using it on a woman is only useful
[17:28] gerg: if you're straight
[17:28] gerg: .
[17:28] V_PauAmma_V: (to gerg) Or a woman, or bi? :-)
[17:28] Azz|bed: that's right. make the bisexuals feel invisible.
[17:28] phoenix: hee.
[17:28] Azz|bed: :-P
[17:29] mayerman: well, they are invisible, it's their secret power
[17:29] V_PauAmma_V: o/~ A bisexual built for two o/~
[17:29] phoenix: it is not a very useful power
[17:29] *** You are now known as Azz|invisible.
[17:29] mayerman: haha
[17:29] mayerman: depends how you use it
[17:29] Lacey: Well, I could teach you.
[17:29] Lacey: But I have to charge.
[17:29] phoenix: for epic confusion
[17:30] * V_PauAmma_V . o O ( Azz is see-through? )
[17:30] * Azz|invisible pantses gerg
[17:30] Lacey: Invisible pants!
[17:30] * Azz|invisible haha you can't see me!
[17:30] gerg: :O
[17:30] Lacey: Pants are useless anyway, unless you're Frank.
[17:31] * V_PauAmma_V spray-pants Azz|invisible.
[17:31] * Azz|invisible ducsk
[17:31] V_PauAmma_V: s/pants/paints/
[17:31] Azz|invisible: ... duck fail.
[17:31] * Azz|invisible quack
[17:31] teshiron: There must be something in the water.
[17:32] * V_PauAmma_V gooses Azz|invisible.
[17:32] * Azz|invisible honk
[17:32] * mayerman boobies Azz|invisible
[17:33] * Azz|invisible tries to figure out how that works. I have two already.
[17:33] remark: I don't know what's going on, but I like it
[17:33] JD: it's possible to have more than two nipples
[17:33] teshiron: ...
[17:34] mayerman: um....thanks for sharing?
[17:34] mayerman: are you speaking from personal experience?
[17:34] Azz|invisible:
[17:34] JD: no. i saw it on the internet so it must be true.
[17:34] phoenix: nipples r us
[17:34] JD: ahahahha emotion eric <3
[17:35] * V_PauAmma_V . o O ( JD is sharing nipples? )
[17:35] JD: no.
[17:35] teshiron: safer than sharing needles, I suppose.
[17:35] mayerman: depends on the nipples
[17:35] teshiron: true.
[17:35] Azz|invisible:
[17:35] teshiron: and the needles.
[17:36] phoenix: is that meant to be a head-nipple?
[17:36] JD: i think so.
[17:36] Azz|invisible: Yes.
[17:37] * V_PauAmma_V tries and fails to locate the board touch where he discussed demon sex.
[17:37] mayerman: O_O
[17:37] JD: ...
[17:37] JD: tmi.
[17:37] gerg: yes.
[17:37] gerg: /flee
[17:38] ryan: ...
[17:38] *** Bethany has joined #lj_support.
[17:39] mayerman: o/
[17:39] Azz|invisible: Speaking of cocks, hi, Bethany!


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