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Tweets for 2-9-2008

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0004: I play a game where I count the cops in the 16 miles between the best friend's place and home. 3 tonight.
  • Tuesday, 0007: Devil May Cry 4 has lovely graphics & an entertaining storyline, but does not pass the Bechdel Test. (though if the toad-monsters count...)
  • Tuesday, 0820: @afuna And they don't even have Chrome up yet so you can try it, that I see! is a 404!
  • Tuesday, 0827: I caught myself wondering why they put a *teenage girl* in the Star Wars animated feature. Then I was angry with myself. Boys-only universe?
  • Tuesday, 1006: @gameboyguy13 (I have instructions from this copied out on a paper in my purse or wallet)
  • Tuesday, 1014: @mamajoan Does it ease your liberal conscience to recall that people working Labor Day often get 2 to 2.5 times their normal pay?
  • Tuesday, 1244: Since I'm pretending it's still a weekend (Sunday night, for those who don't know my schedule) I finish up chores now. Yay, productivity.
  • Tuesday, 1259: Cleaned Roomba's brushes. *looks suspiciously at redhead* Set Roomba to vacuuming the combined living/dining/kitchen area.
  • Tuesday, 1301: Washed laundry. Dried laundry. Unloaded dryer. Put away clean clothes. Took a wet piece of old towel to the laundry room floor.
  • Tuesday, 2146: Holy Grail + Internet = "Zoot want a spanky spanky!"

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