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Tweets for 3-9-2008

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0845: A couple days of this at work and I will be ahead. New requirements at work not official until next period. Acting like they are this.
  • Wednesday, 0942: I should have been in bed before the laundry was.
  • Wednesday, 0947: My dear customers: both IE 8 and Google Chrome are beta software. As such, our website doesn't have to support you when you come in them.
  • Wednesday, 0955: Wah!
  • Wednesday, 0956: GM has been retroactively outed at work, which I'm sure was far more entertaining for those who did not actually know prior.
  • Wednesday, 1002: Irate customer claimed registrar was a "pirate" for redemption fee. Me, to M-on-1st: "Privateer. Letters of marque & reprisal from ICANN."
  • Wednesday, 1006: @idonotlikepeas *curtseys* Have I mentioned lately how awesome it is to have co-workers to whom I don't have to explain everything?
  • Wednesday, 1212: Bad dreams of politics and biology, happily not together. Two hours is too few to be sleeping.
  • Wednesday, 1449: This sleeping thing is not working well today. omg.
  • Wednesday, 1510: what, I'm not trying *hard* enough to sleep? wtf.
  • Wednesday, 2135: Slept. Traded off group for sleep.
  • Wednesday, 2136: @afuna Linked your tweet in channel, as I am only slightly less lazy. There. Reported.

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