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Writer's Block: Pleasure Your Mate Month

September is Pleasure Your Mate Month. Tell us: how do you like to pleasure your mate?

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When I pleasure my mates, it's generally along the lines of "bake you cookies and write you porn", which is actually a standard unit of comfort in the LJ slash community. Which makes me think -- writers group has not had a smut-and-chocolate night for quite a while.

I'll try and have something ready for either next week or the week after.
Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unanswered.
Empty, open, dusty, dead.
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together
Leaving weyrs to wind and weather,
Setting herdbeasts free of tether;
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh why the empty weyr?

-- "The Question Song", Anne McCaffrey
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