Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Work & such

Work has been keeping me too busy to brain. Have also picked up an RPG, which is not new news, but it is letting me get in a spot of character development for characters I didn't actually get off the ground myself. I am playing [ij]spicecakequeen and [ij]my_world_is, which has the potential to be rather entertaining.

I don't know what the timeframe is on suggestions, sorry.

Good days at work are very very good. Bad days at work have me looking at incidents too muddled to parse, and thinking through very slow molasses. I'm attempting, however, to cut my resolve time on the very easy ones down in the neighborhood of one minute instead of two. I'm challenging my own former record in 100% QA reports. I'm sure part of it has to be that QA has a soft spot for me, but I'm really good at following the rules and addressing every issue or explaining why not.

I was freezing at work last night for the first half of the night. The dude across from me brought a blanket. Smart move.

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