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Tweets for 2008-9-7

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0741: I win at explosions today in my department. Bottle of soda went off like champagne. Literally. No mess, just stunned ears & blown cap.
  • Sunday, 0753: Some people are dense enough to warrant kicking out of the country.
  • Sunday, 0826: @lady_angelina I think my adventures today were sponsored by our friend, fermentation. No mess, just explosion and vapor.
  • Sunday, 1313: Burglar rubs victims with spice, batters with sausage: ... wtf!?
  • Sunday, 1327: A-Space sounds both pretty awesome and a disaster waiting to happen:
  • Sunday, 1337: Thanks to my doctor's appointment, I have a three-day weekend, interrupted by a trip to the doctor, as that will fuxxor my sleep schedule.
  • Sunday, 1401: It is Myrrh's Turn To Do Laundry right now. However, I have Checked the Dishes Situation (yes, that is on my to-do list).
  • Sunday, 1434: When in Vegas, a random person-in-casino-mall approached us. I was the non-snarky one, so I got the Preferred Guest card for PlanetHollywood
  • Sunday, 1522: @intrepia Ewwwwwwwww. Um, at least someone in this scenario is having fun? That's one out of three.
  • Sunday, 1523: Polished nails. Myrrh had some nail polishes that were too sparkly. I like sparkly nail polish. Though I was trying to get less, not more :P
  • Sunday, 1527: Around the household, we do incorporate words from LOLcats and extended Jeffy-speak (Jeffy came first) in actual conversation.
  • Sunday, 1527: Appending "-eded" to random words is totally extended-Jeffy. (Jeffy is a very small boy from one of hColleen's original pieces.)
  • Sunday, 1528: @marcelle42 @nudaydreamer WTF bees in pants?!
  • Sunday, 1556: I have started a batch of laundry. The floor is looking better. I suppose I have decided that this weekend is for cleaning. Yay.
  • Sunday, 1557: @semanticist I think this is going to be a chatty weekend.
  • Sunday, 1613: @semanticist I've been awake for 3 hours, have 12+ tweets already. I may. :\
  • Sunday, 1624: @semanticist Hahaha, thanks. :D
  • Sunday, 1637: Musically, I don't really care for either Augustana or Barenaked Ladies, though clearly I must have liked at least one thing of theirs.
  • Sunday, 1645: @gameboyguy13 Except on the strength of one awesome song, I bought a whole CD that has 1 awesome song and the rest indifferent to suxx0r.
  • Sunday, 1656: Although I had to explain "Never Gonna Give You Up" to Darkside, I did not have to explain Barry White ("Never Never..." never mix up these)
  • Sunday, 1725: Laundry continues. Floor is looking better. May actually be able to invite best friend over tomorrow?! Amazing.
  • Sunday, 1734: Media cables now plugged into media card.
  • Sunday, 1851: Her Nibs has inspected my room and sniffed my closet.
  • Sunday, 1901: Pen cups now sensible: markers, dry-erase, pencils, pens, and hairbrushes/scissors/crochet hooks/combs (yes, in a pen cup) vs. all mixed.
  • Sunday, 1903: Going to be interesting to see what happens with these:
  • Sunday, 1905: Did not sleep enough. However, my room is now a place that I could show to my mother. (Couldn't show to best friend yet.)
  • Sunday, 1940: I should eat something that is not two slices of apple, water, and antacids.
  • Sunday, 2119: @kestrelct The first question in my mind, of course, is "What spices?" and "Is he using butter or is this a dry rub?"
  • Sunday, 2307: Read Ironside tonight. It was a good read. I'm so tired but I don't want to go to sleep just yet.

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