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Tweets for 2008-9-8

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0024: We have determined that the redhead will still be the redhead even after her hair goes all child-of-the-Rowan.
  • Monday, 0028: I trimmed the end of my braid tonight after realizing how fried the ends were. (Ends were not half so bad as years ago. Yay.)
  • Monday, 0030: Nail polish dried fast, and resisted most overt scuffing, even with laundry and general "wtf is on my floor" duties. May have a brand winner
  • Monday, 0651: WTF jellyfish. (Twitter is actually handy. And that means the opening act was yesterday, and the illusory relief was the day prior.)
  • Monday, 0733: Political humor: McCain bluescreen challenge = Barakrolled! Clever!
  • Monday, 0735: @semanticist I would say that you're married so you can take an explanation of this, but given E's biology, it's not within your experience.
  • Monday, 0753: Political: looks like voters in certain US states are being dropped:
  • Monday, 0813: Pretty awesome interview about the Large Hadron Collider:
  • Monday, 0954: @semanticist Yes it does tell you well enough! Be happy and content in your delightfully jellyfish-free marriage!
  • Monday, 0954: Have taken hColleen to bus stop, got more laundry started. What next.
  • Monday, 0955: Trying BPAL: Satyr even though it is not intended for a female. We shall see.
  • Monday, 1029: Nail polish still mostly intact. This is incredible.
  • Monday, 1037: @semanticist I am sure! If I haven't elected to reproduce within the next 5 years I may have the thing out.
  • Monday, 1112: Yesterday I was pretty sure I was sickening for something. Today I feel pretty much OK, just a little stuffy.
  • Monday, 1113: Back to one braid today, although I do have it sort of smashed into a bun shape with clever application of scrunchie.
  • Monday, 1430: Room has been roombaed. Next: my bed is full of woe and also rocks.
  • Monday, 1439: Politics: a fellow Alaskan weighs in; this sounds sane & like what I'd say:
  • Monday, 1453: @semanticist I'm glad you know better. Literal rocks. Semiprecious and polished, but literal rocks. :D
  • Monday, 1513: Rocking out to old-school Duran Duran
  • Monday, 1550: Oh yes I did just invoke his mom. :D
  • Monday, 1552: @mayerman @nudaydreamer OMG yes. Not burning microwave popcorn should be a part of a mandatory 1-semester home ec class in high school.
  • Monday, 1704: Best friend and I are having the sort of smartass conversation that would be geek flirtation if it weren't us. Cool but frustrating.
  • Monday, 1720: Bed has been made. Floor has been vacuumed. Rugs are washed. Laundry is done. Too tired to go Out & Vash is on 1/4 tank anyway.
  • Monday, 1840: Debating our mutually questionable pr0n habits with best friend, digging up the past and embarrassing each other. I think box in closet next
  • Monday, 1905: *furious blushing* Now he's citing file names.
  • Monday, 1910: @marcelle42 It was my former roommate's file in any case, questionable anime: "Secrets of the Necronomicon" (mine was eps of New Angels)
  • Monday, 1916: Oh, I am not going to stop blushing any time this *year*. (His prior arguments re: email? All valid, esp b/c he shared email addy w/parents)
  • Monday, 1920: ...possibly not next year either.
  • Monday, 1921: @semanticist Amazingly enough, I'd managed to clear the bed of socks on the previous sweep-through of room.
  • Monday, 2053: Called Dawn; generalized hilarity ensued when she called back and we proceeded to gossip for an hour.

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