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Let's hear it for modern medicine and the Internet!

So I had my doctor's appointment today. Did not once feel the urge to bite off anyone's face.

They don't have all their paperwork up on their website yet, so I had to fill out some of it offline. They print out their online forms to make you fill out when you're doing it by hand, hahaha.

The unexpected question I got asked was (by both the 2nd year med student and the doctor) if I'd had a lot of ear infections as a child. No, actually, as an adult. Seems there's scarring on the eardrums.

All things told, I don't have a diagnosis, but they are leaning strongly in the direction of PCOS pending bloodwork, which frankly I'd been wondering about, as I have a suite of symptoms that go nicely together. The first thing to attack is going to be my hormones, even prior to the bloodwork. They have noted that I do tend towards the depressive, and I do have a ways I can ramp up the St. John's Wort if necessary, so I hope we wouldn't have to get into some of the heavier-duty stuff they were talking about, as my moods are just fine on the St. John's Wort, thanks.

So I start the Pill now (Tri-Sprintec 28, norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol tablets, triphasic regimen, for the pharmacy geeks following along at home) to attempt to get what are probably wild hormones under control, I get to go in some morning for fasting bloodwork (may even go in tomorrow morning as I have tonight off), and they were somewhat concerned about my iron levels until I reassured them that I am used to plasma donation and how to keep my iron levels up with constant blood loss, and that totally would explain the meat, spinach, and beans I've been eating lately.

Also, I get to make a gyn appointment. I get a pap smear!

Happily for everyone concerned, I do not dread gyn appointments like some women do, namely because my experience with same has been comfortable and safe. Properly introduced doctors who do not set off my skeeze alarm have a professional pass that gets them through my touch security, so I have no problems with poking and prodding. I fear neither the speculum nor the swab.

After the bloodwork and GYN, I get a follow-up appointment, a month from tomorrow.

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