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Tweets for 2008-9-9

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0509: @gameboyguy13 But something in your eyes says maybe that's never.
  • Tuesday, 0510: @gameboyguy13 Or your hair, perhaps, or your LJ interests, or ... or ... heh.
  • Tuesday, 0511: @Prissi Take down the corkboard and paint it white? It will still be corky. It will need to be repainted as holes happen though.
  • Tuesday, 0547: Leora on underage oathtaking:
  • Tuesday, 0955: @afuna pointed me at the Large Hadron Collider Rap: (backup dancers prefer anonymity, ha)
  • Tuesday, 0956: Because women who have just been raped always have the resources to shell out $1200:
  • Tuesday, 0958: Must make sure this box of tasty pineapple chunks is gone before hColleen gets home, as temptation on that scale is not fair. (Allergies.)
  • Tuesday, 1112: @gameboyguy13 I would agree with that.
  • Tuesday, 1113: (where "that" is "having Wireshark is more important than having a life", according to networking teacher)
  • Tuesday, 1113: (er. a wife.)
  • Tuesday, 1159: @gameboyguy13 Hahahaha I suppose. BUNDLE OF ... sticks.
  • Tuesday, 1200: @semanticist For @gameboyguy13, as a wife is irrelevant in any case, Wireshark trumps all.
  • Tuesday, 1206: R. Daneel managed to climb up on a magazine on the floor and get himself stuck half in the air. I'm not sure how he managed this.
  • Tuesday, 1209: @semanticist True. However at this point in time Wireshark is far superior to a trail of indifferent not-so-significant others.
  • Tuesday, 1214: Advertising is getting very, very silly:
  • Tuesday, 1729: @mayerman Writing is fun!
  • Tuesday, 1735: @museumfreak Did you just make me lose the game?
  • Tuesday, 1736: @mayerman OK open mockery is not concrit. Bring potato gun to class, share with classmates.
  • Tuesday, 1756: ... oh god now I want to take Dr. Maurice's address system and overhaul it so that it has a printable view. She printed references, cut off.
  • Tuesday, 1811: We have had Pyramid Head tea, which is tasty. :-P
  • Tuesday, 1840: Via @evtrib: ... I thought they usually used tasers?! :-P
  • Tuesday, 1854: Beer now out of refrigerator, wrapped up on the table ready to be taken ... somewhere. We never drink it.
  • Tuesday, 1918: Herd of goats freed from prison:
  • Tuesday, 2041: OK, now a little less likely to rip off faces.
  • Tuesday, 2051: Huh, you can pretty much date the sharp drop in my LJ posting habits to the beginning of my new job.
  • Tuesday, 2112: Mood tracking: 4-5 hours past first BC pill, explosive bad temper, however, it's a hot-button issue so inconclusive.
  • Tuesday, 2132: Nice burn from remark: "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ" "you might notice that there is NO U" <3 IRC.

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