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Tweets for 2008-9-12

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 1055: I remember when I was scared the world was ending. I watched and wrote and kept count. He held me steady, when I didn't have a hand for him.
  • Friday, 1100: @semanticist See if the Mentos trick works with it? Leave it as ned bait?
  • Friday, 1102: On my way back from dropping H at the bus stop, I stopped in at the doctor's for that last tube of blood. Wrist will bruise.
  • Friday, 1104: @afuna Were not you being packed off to bed just five minutes ago?
  • Friday, 1106: 3 things that need writing: a censored postcard, a piece (poem?) about Russia, and a piece (poem? essay? mood piece?) about that time.
  • Friday, 1134: @coffeechica *sends help* *and ponies*
  • Friday, 1822: I have an undone "I need to do this in suggestions" thing in my inbox from a year ago. (A shiny, not a need.) Still woeful.
  • Friday, 2154: via Myrrhianna, this is a great book title:

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