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Tweets for 2008-9-13

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 0805: @afuna ?
  • Saturday, 1324: I went to bed early enough that the "four hours, let's wake up!" thing is at a reasonable hour. Now back to bed with me.
  • Saturday, 1428: March: habit, leaving the tip in front of Virta -- zomg dodged a bullet, zomfg. (re-reading Howling. Lady writes good.)
  • Saturday, 1525: Catching up on old comments. Been up and down vs. bed. I really think it is the heat. Winter cannot come soon enough.
  • Saturday, 1526: (sometimes you just have to punch a snake.)
  • Saturday, 1558: Signal wasn't good enough to put up with the noise. Ditched a comm. Feel slightly regretful but a whole lot better.
  • Saturday, 1600: This is the reason I won't talk politics around some friends: (chas_, I'm talking to you)
  • Saturday, 1614: Did advise maintainer my reason for ditching said comm; maintainer can evaluate this with their own priorities.
  • Saturday, 1615: I'm like Dad in that something will quietly bother me, and then by the time I take action, it's too late for a small fix.
  • Saturday, 1642: @semanticist It would be stranger if it didn't occasionally.
  • Saturday, 1919: I do want to paint this: "some Impressionist painting: Still Life With Windowless Underground Bunker And Snake."

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