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Tweets for 2008-9-14

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0846: @gameboyguy13 It is clear that @jerkomatic is really you in disguise.
  • Sunday, 0847: @semanticist But surely it's charming that it did happen?
  • Sunday, 0935: Zero queue intermittently all night long led to gossip and lulz. We are spelling our sound effects & have symbolic poses (for boning).
  • Sunday, 0936: Despite zero queue, did not have time for lunch. Did not have desire for same either after massive jellyfish attack. 1 late pill... > ...
  • Sunday, 0945: (His name was January. Or handle, but you called hackers what they wanted you to call them. He was the coldest winter blond she'd met.)
  • Sunday, 1352: Had very tasty breakfast: chicken meat in strips intended for fajitas, over leftover rice, with cheddar cheese, Italian dressing, & soysauce
  • Sunday, 1411: IRC said there are no straight men at renfaires. Not so! Went with best friend! He bought a very large wooden sword & handled my smaller one
  • Sunday, 1412: Renfaire thing was this past spring, not current. Had to haul it out for example purposes. Best Friend v.v. straight; immune to Bowie&Gackt.
  • Sunday, 1412: If swapping out the cablemodem does not fix us, there will be a Cox tech.
  • Sunday, 1859: @semanticist However, being able to appreciate women with boobs does not rule out ... flexibility, see.
  • Sunday, 1900: @lady_angelina See, that's Texas! JD is in California. That makes quite a bit of difference! (OTOH, AK-47 Guy is from Texas.)
  • Sunday, 1901: @mayerman I KNOW. COX ARE SRS BZNS.
  • Sunday, 1936: This is why we can't have clean minds:
  • Sunday, 2000: I want to take this book and spread it along the wall and draw it with colored lines and dots and web 2.0 shinygraphics.
  • Sunday, 2021: Plot point: something, somewhere, somehow, has to be hacked through an exploit in a wireless vending machine.
  • Sunday, 2304: I was scared that someone was yelling for help, but I think it was our downstairs neighbors having sex or something.

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