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When myrrhianna came home today, Nibiki greeted her with songs of displeasure and annoyance. In my wisdom as Keeper of the Roomba, I had released him unto myrrhianna's room, and there he did suck, and roombonk, and otherwise make his presence known to the carpet and its perimeters. Nibiki had been sitting tucked up in a corner of the room, watching him with great interest and mild suspicion. He came roombarrelling across the room on a sweep, directly at her. She stared at him. Oblivious, for the glare of a cat is not a Virtual Wall, he sailed onward, forcing her -- her! -- to step aside. Thus her displeasure was noted, and then voiced when the appropriate party returned.

Slightly thereafter, I noticed that R. Daneel was trailing a loop of something, although he did not appear to be stuck. I grabbed him and flipped him over, to his startlement (and the amusement of Her Nibs). He had sucked up myrrhianna's iPod charger cord, and had the two plug ends tucked into his brushes and the cord itself dragging behind, with no apparent harm to either him or the cord. I liberated it.

After he got himself charged up again after that romp, I put up the laundry basket, the trash basket, the box o' debauchery, the yoga ball, both rugs, and the desk chair, and invited him in and shut the door before leaving to go watch Mythbusters and anime with Darkside. I thought that I'd give him the chance to roam around my room without having to negotiate the desk chair (as it's a little unwieldy to get past the bookcase and around the corner to get out the door and out of my room) while I was gone, minimizing the inconvenience to each of us.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Upon my return, I saw that R. Daneel had made perhaps two passes around the room before making a beeline to the corner of my altar with the trailing cloth, and had started to gnaw on a corner. O roomba. So I disentangled him and started him up, enduring the roombashing at my desk chair as I caught up on the rest of my day.

Looks like he's a sucker for music and religion.

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