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Tweets for 2008-9-15

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0808: Ben from Home Movies from the Cutting Room Floor says "I put the 'test' in 'intestine'!" (Oh, *Ben*.)
  • Monday, 1033: Have cleaned R. Daneel and put him to work in Myrrh's room, after moving some of the floor-hazards.
  • Monday, 1055: R. Daneel managed to find her iPod charge cable, and was merrily trailing it along after eating it with no visible damage to either party.
  • Monday, 1135: Am now dressed. R. Daneel still chugging away; got him unstuck from under the dresser. Ryoga fascinated but concerned; Nibs not visible now.
  • Monday, 1153: R. Daneel is now charging. This time, I emptied him and cleaned his brushes after running, instead of waiting until next before!
  • Monday, 1233: Laundry is off floor. Box by lightswitch has been emptied, by dint of re-organizing some bookshelves. Scared to think what is next.
  • Monday, 1258: "Distributed toasts do not require matching glassware." Abi Sutherland,
  • Monday, 1306: Woah, I did not realize that my breakfast has worn off quite that completely. Getting some juice before I make lunch so the shakes will fade
  • Monday, 1434: @nudaydreamer Oh ahahahaha brilliant.
  • Monday, 1546: What do you call someone with whom you share a vacuum cleaner? Your roomb-mate.
  • Monday, 1547: @shadesong I have added my local newspaper's headlines feed to Twitter, and BBC's world news feed to LJ.

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