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Tweets for 2008-9-16

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0751: "actively insane" is a barrier to participation. :D
  • Tuesday, 0752: @coffeechica Area man soon to enter *crack rehab*?!
  • Tuesday, 1041: @comcastcares Speaking purely as an LJ user, LJ's a very different environment than Twitter: far more intrusive to contact there.
  • Tuesday, 1043: @comcastcares Twitter is like talking on the street; LJ is like showing up uninvited in the living room.
  • Tuesday, 1133: Instant bad crossover fic prompts:
  • Tuesday, 1419: @comcastcares It's up to the journal owner whether they restrict search engine access, but companies doing that's very socially unacceptable
  • Tuesday, 1508: @comcastcares It's somewhat difficult to articulate, but there's a sense of personal space about a journal even when it's completely public.
  • Tuesday, 1643: Shared fun & unprintable feedback re: ad-misfeatures enacted by ones who ought to have taken a miniskirted walk in the tenderloin instead
  • Tuesday, 1645: ...if really that short on cash.
  • Tuesday, 1651: @comcastcares As the CSR on the scene, do you have the latitude to choose to not reach out when someone is ranting but doesn't want contact?
  • Tuesday, 2218: hooray nightshift: where the supervisors sympathize over an accidentally fucked-up sleep schedule. (I get this any shift, alas.)
  • Tuesday, 2225: Dad taught us about The Thing and I thought it was so very cool.
  • Tuesday, 2238: @afuna If it wasn't in origin, we have cheerfully adopted it!
  • Tuesday, 2239: @afuna (that goes for both the saying and the restaurant, though I was talking about the one and you were talking about the other)
  • Tuesday, 2241: @afuna also, glad I am not the only one who was thinking boobies from that comment of @mayerman's.

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