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Tweets for 2008-9-21

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0843: Refreshing: a dumb idea that is merely rock-stupid and only annoyingly expensive to fix:
  • Sunday, 1050: Week over. Time for some sleep or something. Today featured massive upgrades to the whole damn system, which meant downtime.
  • Sunday, 1051: Downtime meant hilarious antics involving co-workers, balls, gongs, and attempting to not think about cake, oh god.
  • Sunday, 2016: Leftover potroast still tasty. Seem to be the only one eating it. Guess I know what is for lunch. Good thing I like it.
  • Sunday, 2031: Seems that I'm able to parse things bad things done to English better than the Cranky Old Geek can. Valuable job skill.
  • Sunday, 2143: @afuna Not that I know of. However, talk to @semanticist about the twitterclient he's rolled, which does. Network! Network!
  • Sunday, 2225: Have put Lunchbox of Doom in the hall closet that has the other kitchen overflow.
  • Sunday, 2225: Want takeout. Cannot has takeout. Huffy.
  • Sunday, 2254: Still cracking me up after referenced in IRC:
  • Sunday, 2256: @hamface I would not want that sandwich either.
  • Sunday, 2352: @afuna Ooops. @ everyone else, prior IRC referenced link NSFW text. Academic! Historical! NSFW!

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