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Tweets for 2008-9-22

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0600: Bad dreams. When he gets a girl (if he gets a girl) (when) (if) I hope she doesn't hate me. Still wanting what I can't have.
  • Monday, 0613: Yeah, still more upset by that than I had reckoned on. I have been up for ... some time ... before I posted, still upset.
  • Monday, 0630: Desire is pain.
  • Monday, 0633: I hope this doesn't usher in a new NIN enthusiasm, because they're rather too shouty to be good work listening, and I loathe most emo bands.
  • Monday, 1234: OK! Having been suggestible, I think it is now bedtime.
  • Monday, 1234: Did get sandwich fixings, ice cream, and other staples at Cheap & Easy on my way back from H's bus stop, so am not going *crazy*.
  • Monday, 1236: @gameboyguy13 I am now on their website. I think the only thing I'd previously heard was "Missing", which I love. I like what I hear now.
  • Monday, 1340: Hahaha *now* it is bedtime. Darkside just emailed me, just after I had got the last of the suggestions work done and come back with nightcap

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