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Tweets for 2008-9-24

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 1001: Oh, meds. So lovely that between memory and schedule I rarely get the Pill in me within 2 hours of the same time, and ditto the St. J's Wort
  • Wednesday, 1020: @mayerman you know, the meaning of "Eh. <_<" is so very much different from "Eh. >_>" :-P
  • Wednesday, 1609: US government, commentary on finance:
  • Wednesday, 1614: @semanticist the &lt;s are looking toward one; the &gt;s are looking away from one. The rest is interpretation.
  • Wednesday, 1751: I'm spinning my wheels for almost an hour, trying to get out the door.
  • Wednesday, 1753: (if it's not somewhere with high urgency like work, I can go into suspend for literally hours not leaving. life with my brain, part omgwtf.)
  • Wednesday, 1831: Crazyglued headphones back in place, now with added dental floss. Ugly, but it may hold. Drying it in front of "Go Big Red" fan.

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