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Tweets for 2008-9-30

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0047: Time to get current with User Friendly.
  • Tuesday, 0056: "He's no neighbor! He's at least 11 router hops from me!" (Still funny even years later.)
  • Tuesday, 0148: Finally importing photos from the memorial
  • Tuesday, 0223: Images are weeded and in the process of being uploaded. This is for the family. Hooray, family.
  • Tuesday, 0239: Elven linux tech support:
  • Tuesday, 0245: I can't even begin...
  • Tuesday, 0419: @afuna ahahahahahahahahaha
  • Tuesday, 0420: @afuna How long ago did you send it? It takes a bit to arrive. I was startled that way too.
  • Tuesday, 0429: @afuna Oh, perhaps I am confused. I meant the @HMTasks authentication email, not @semanticist's twitterscript, which you might have meant.
  • Tuesday, 0430: @afuna I am laughing like crazy at you adding people to your todo list, as I have at various points in time done the same. *blush*
  • Tuesday, 0434: pending music to rate now (just barely) below 900.
  • Tuesday, 1533: My hobby: noticing when websites have not bothered to replace the default favicon on their server with something custom & laughing. HAIPLESK
  • Tuesday, 1535: @mayerman Half-ass it so you have it ready to produce, then talk to prof about your options.
  • Tuesday, 1611: Tea tree oil preparation meant for blemishes is working wonders on this instance of Swimmer's Ear. Happy.
  • Tuesday, 1635: @nudaydreamer One of those tiny-ended USBs? Those are interchangeable unless there's some weird proprietary dongle action.
  • Tuesday, 1703: It helps when you actually know where the shop is.
  • Tuesday, 2114: @coffeechica Thank you for the hug. Lyssa delivered it to me.
  • Tuesday, 2118: @coffeechica My engines *may* be running tomorrow morning. Have had talk w/bff, fabulous dinner, have cried self out, should be good to go.
  • Tuesday, 2120: Went to my local Big O Tires, got an oil change & Vash's flat fixed. They recognized me by his plate & greeted me by name. :D Win.
  • Tuesday, 2200: What song do you sing in honor of the mother of all tequila? Agave Maria.

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