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Writer's Block: Work Clothes

Remember the bodysuit? Fashion designer Donna Karan, who changed the way career women dressed in the 1980s, turns 60 today. Office dress codes have relaxed since then, but every workplace has its own rules. What passes for appropriate where you work? Is there anything you can't wear to work?

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I do believe that I am too young to remember the bodysuit. I was living isolated from much of the world (without television, with radio) in Alaska for much of my childhood, and thus pretty much missed the US pop culture of the 1980s.

I could get away with shorts and a Thinkgeek t-shirt at work. Quite a few of my co-workers do. I don't, because these days I prefer a long skirt and I haven't built up a collection of shirts as my last job didn't allow printed shirts.

We can't wear drug-related clothing, as the guy with the Jack Daniels shirt found out. I'd probably get stared at if I came in wearing full business armor (which I don't own). I'd get stared at if I came in wearing pants, come to think of it. Or color.

This really means that I need to see if they're still making that frog fabric on the brilliant turquoise background, and duplicate a skirt from my teenage years.

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