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Surprise birthday party success!

So at work, our Team Leader mentioned that he was turning 21. I casually wrangled the date out of him, and noticed that it was one of his days in. In fact, it was that very next day (well, values of 'in 26 hours' that evaluated to 'next shift'), so I got busy on IM.

I am an instigator. Magnus is a ringleader. Chappy comes up with insane schemes. Somehow, we concocted the idea of a cake, composed of all the snack cakes we could get our hands on, purchase to be distributed between the participants. They ran with it. The idea of beer and/or other booze being involved was discussed and declined, given that this was work, after all.

We came to work the next day early, with supplies. I got there first, then Miss Sarcasm showed up. I helped unwrap the hockey-puck cakes (something from the twinkies family) and she arranged them in a circle. We added chocolate-peanut-butter cookies with sprinkles. She produced Circle K fruit pies (apple and cherry) and snowball cakes. The pies became like fins, and the snowballs had to be re-arranged so that they did not look too much like boobs. My suggestion of putting candy pumpkins on top was declined. I doused the whole thing in candy corn, then added sprinkles.

It looked terrible. It was great.

I stowed it securely with Security and we hit the floor at work. The guys (Chappy and Magnus) showed up, and took an early break to work on it.

As midnight approached, work slowed, and chat windows opened. We conspired. Magnus went to go get the cake past security. We were sure that the team lead was catching on, because you could cut the air with a knife, and no one was resolving any tickets, yet all was dead silence and typing (because we were chatting on IM). We realized that we should have gotten candles. Too late!

We argued about who would start singing. Magnus fingered me, then went back to get the cake. There he came, and I started in singing, and everyone else (after saying they wouldn't) joined in. By the time the cake was visible, I had started laughing too hard to actually sing.

Our team lead was massively surprised, and had to snap a picture.

Cake Macro
What happens when our team lead turns 21
Creamy Candy Corn Filling
Our team lead hates candy corn. :D
Cake Macro Creamy Candy Corn Filling

Our team lead got the first piece, then we all grabbed something. Work continued. There were some leftovers for first shift, and I brought the cake dome home the next day. It was good times.

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