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Tweets for 2008-10-8

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0750: And what, sir, did I say the other day about your Markov chain and your nose? Please allow me to repeat myself, a little more personally.
  • Wednesday, 0811: WTF is up with the Domo-kun infesting Target? I see them, and I think kittens. Alas.
  • Wednesday, 0835: I am a happy Lunatic. I just used Audacity to stitch Brain Damage and Eclipse together, as is right and proper.
  • Wednesday, 0945: Pagan Dude learned that it's not a good idea to touch me if I can't see you and am unlikely to notice you due to lack of peripheral vision.
  • Wednesday, 0945: Also: stupid swimmer's ear. Stupid.
  • Wednesday, 1014: For Lyssa:
  • Wednesday, 1051: Every time I have to tell the AK-47 Guy tale, it just keeps on getting more appalling. Psycho straights have a long way to come.
  • Wednesday, 1117: @ataniell93
  • Wednesday, 1125: @idonotlikepeas That was pretty much what started me on the road to freakoutville.
  • Wednesday, 1159: Ear killing me. can't sleep. headed to urgent care. can't wait for doctor on Friday.
  • Wednesday, 1325: Back from urgent care. This is year 12 of the on and off swimmer's ear. I am heartily sick of it. No way can I make writers group.
  • Wednesday, 1333: one step beyond facepalm:
  • Wednesday, 1336: @idonotlikepeas @nudaydreamer Went great. Doctor listened to me, looked at the place that actually hurt, antibiotics in pill and drop ftw.
  • Wednesday, 1336: Usually I only get eardrops.
  • Wednesday, 1348: @ursamajor hEll returned your parents. Or his parents. Or somebody's parents.
  • Wednesday, 1416: @ataniell93 I don't have to approve. They're them and they would give exactly fuck-all a care. :D But they belong, yes.
  • Wednesday, 1438: @ataniell93 And in addition to the heartbreak wrapped in ribbons, I have a way the hell up too late & sick, so grain of salt. 'night!

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