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Tweets for 2008-10-11

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 0220: I love lingonberry sauce.
  • Saturday, 0221: Working on "Turn off the radio; turn off the lights" -- glad that I have a little more space so I can think.
  • Saturday, 0229: @mayerman Water is key, here. Not just shower water.
  • Saturday, 0407: Inbox is down to 20. Some of that will be handled when I get 'Turn off the radio; turn off the lights' finished.
  • Saturday, 0729: @afuna It's my bedtime, and are you even home from work yet?
  • Saturday, 1201: @afuna Oh, right, days of the week.
  • Saturday, 1337: Endymion Dashwood reminds me rather too much of jdn, and visa-versa. I find this incredibly amusing.
  • Saturday, 1532: Does anyone have numbers for how many people there are in the extended fandom network of LJ?
  • Saturday, 1532: @mayerman Ooo, melting pot. :D
  • Saturday, 1545: Hookay, blood pressure up, perhaps I should stop writing and take a nap before work. A year and change later, and I still dislike barakb25.
  • Saturday, 1621: @museumfreak Homemade lingonberry sauce is so much better than that -- not as oversweetened, and fresher.
  • Saturday, 1625: ... dude, the wind just blew open my shut door.
  • Saturday, 1633: Wind shut my door again.

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