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Tweets for 2008-10-12

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0741: @ataniell93 I am still savoring that compliment to my writing.
  • Sunday, 0748: @ursamajor Getting toasters is not what good girls do. It's not how they planned it.
  • Sunday, 0752: dodeca-WHAT?!
  • Sunday, 0903: @mayerman I think it was actually in metaquotes comments.
  • Sunday, 0908: @mayerman Also, not twelve years ago people thought I was such a sweet and innocent soul. Now I'm getting "you WOULD have seen...!"
  • Sunday, 1025: @afuna check it now that JD has found the icon.
  • Sunday, 1129: @afuna They really do. Clearly, men are aliens from another planet.
  • Sunday, 1146: OK, time for sleep or something.
  • Sunday, 1820: My lightsaber has been broken for some time, and there is no sound reason but sentiment that I haven't trashed it.
  • Sunday, 1822: @ursamajor Now I want sourdough English muffins split and toasted with melted cheddar cheese and summer sausage and dill.
  • Sunday, 1938: I know I should be hungry, but somehow very not.
  • Sunday, 2055: @mayerman, your presence is needed in channel. JERK IT.
  • Sunday, 2135: remembering how I used to hold hands with my first real boyfriend.

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