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Tweets for 2008-10-13

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0523: Nice hot bath: accomplished.
  • Monday, 0625: I'm not sure that Nero and Satyr are going to play so well together.
  • Monday, 0626: Who wants to be working at this hour of the morning? Yet somehow I am. Guess the two weeks of laziness were a bit much for me.
  • Monday, 0626: (that is to say, button your suggestionsumbrellas later on in the morning, luvs.)
  • Monday, 0658: All tucked in my happy office chair with a nice warm blanket, nice cool day outside just starting, a warm buzz from apricot cordial, & web.
  • Monday, 0706: I can deliberately detune my eyes a little and just scan titles for keywords. This is useful so I don't have to reread the whole damn thing.
  • Monday, 0708: If I really wanted to, I could calculate the maximum unique twitter posts ever based on number of characters and 140 limit. Silly.
  • Monday, 0838: @afuna What's your distance from GMT? I'm at -7. I can nag you if I know when your 2am is.
  • Monday, 0842: @marcelle42 So she's 15 off me.
  • Monday, 0843: @afuna So my 11am is your 2am, looks like, until/unless your daylight savings time either kicks on or off, whichever it is.
  • Monday, 0856: Mmm, tasty warm homemade split pea soup that I just had to microwave to eat. Nom nom nom.
  • Monday, 0925: @afuna try to be in bed by the time I leave to get my girly bits prodded in a half-hour?
  • Monday, 0930: Haha, I had wondered why I did not see some of the insane posts from the insane fangirl. Turns out she's into ban evasion, but googlegroups
  • Monday, 0936: INTUITIVE MY ASS, BOB.
  • Monday, 0956: @coffeechica Got some stuff in xx for you to review really fast under Quick Review heading; expect will be quick yea or nay, when you're in?
  • Monday, 1000: @afuna I'm leaving for the speculum! Bedtime for you!
  • Monday, 1001: @ataniell93 The JD is in DC atm
  • Monday, 2218: Brought up the promise. There were some rough years, but I think I'll keep this Army brat close a while longer. To the ends of the universe.
  • Monday, 2236: OK, just had a schadenfreude moment looking at some suspended serial adders.
  • Monday, 2323: Watched driving blind / blind drunk & golfing Mythbusters. Laughed lots.
  • Monday, 2350: Think the pill may be messing with my appetite. Am literally unable to eat even half of the (reasonable-sized) bowl of chips. Not arguing.

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