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Tweets for 2008-10-14

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0805: An avocado can make my whole morning better. Not that it was bad to start with!
  • Tuesday, 0807: @nudaydreamer That word should be burned from any dictionary it's in.
  • Tuesday, 0808: @popefelix It is by the beans of java that my thoughts acquire speed.
  • Tuesday, 1034: @popefelix The shakes become a warning.
  • Tuesday, 1037: @quillismightier I'm with you, except when I know them, & know they do not mean it badly, & know they know I'm bi. But otherwise no.
  • Tuesday, 1049: @afuna 10 minutes
  • Tuesday, 1135: @idonotlikepeas I thought you wanted me, I thought you wanted me
  • Tuesday, 1301: I have put my shimmer body powder of great shimmeriness into my almond vanilla body powder of great almond-vanilla-ness. Maybe will use now?
  • Tuesday, 1302: Me: "How are you gentlemen?" Ex: "!!!" Me: "Cats got your tongue?" Us = dorks. :D
  • Tuesday, 1532: retweeting: looks like 14 year old daughter of @genochurch missing since 10/11/2008, likely in GA/Carolinas, details
  • Tuesday, 1552: It's bad when the barrettes start rusting.

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