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IRC: I hold forth on Alaskan cooking/gardening

[10:58] UrsaMajor: heh, and i was just about to ask azz how accurate this is:
[10:58] Azz|zzz: which?
[10:58] UrsaMajor:
[10:58] UrsaMajor: no rush, obvs, it's just food :)
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[10:59] Azz|zzz: Hmm.
[10:59] Azz|zzz: I think they're getting a lot of coastal stuff.
[11:00] * UrsaMajor nods, but not as much inland?
[11:00] Azz|zzz: Rhubarb is definitely a common theme, but they don't have ANY blueberry, which is HUGE
[11:00] Azz|zzz: There is some cranberry.
[11:00] Azz|zzz: Moose stew, yeah
[11:01] Azz|zzz: and that also sounds like they're picking out "only in Alaska" dishes, not "typically Alaskan" dishes.
[11:01] gerg: anna, green syn?
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[11:01] gerg: \o/
[11:01] UrsaMajor: gotcha
[11:02] Azz|zzz: And they're completely missing birch beer.
[11:02] Azz|zzz: And there's a completely disgusting-looking candy called moose nuggets.
[11:03] UrsaMajor: heh, i remember seeing those in vancouver *G*
[11:03] Azz|zzz: The *candy* is iirc chocolate-mint and shaped like little easter eggs.
[11:03] Azz|zzz: :D
[11:03] UrsaMajor: chocolate-covered raisins or such, supposed to "resemble moose poop"?
[11:03] UrsaMajor: heee.
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[11:03] Azz|zzz: Peel a whole bag of hershey's chocolate eggs and pour on the ground in roughly a circle.
[11:04] Azz|zzz: instant moose poop lookalike.
[11:04] UrsaMajor: hahaha
[11:04] Azz|zzz: but rhubarb really takes off, sometimes you can't give it away.
[11:04] Azz|zzz: Broccoli is one of those eat-it-fast-before-the-moose-do crops
[11:05] Azz|zzz: potatoes you have to harvest early before the ground freezes
[11:05] Azz|zzz: ditto carrots
[11:05] UrsaMajor: heeee, i didn't know moose ate broccoli!
[11:05] UrsaMajor: it sounds like the basis of a cartoon *G*
[11:05] Azz|zzz: you're gambling if you want to leave them in a bit longer to get a bit bigger.
[11:05] * UrsaMajor nods, yeah, and i complain about massachusetts' short growing season *g*
[11:06] Azz|zzz: Oh, you want mad, take an Alaskan gardener with a shotgun & horse fence with a broccoli crop against a couple of hungry moose.
[11:06] * UrsaMajor giggles
[11:06] Azz|zzz: Moose *lean* down fences.
[11:06] ryan: \o/ for short school days!
[11:06] UrsaMajor: yay short school days!
[11:06] Azz|zzz: yay!
[11:07] UrsaMajor: and the gardener's all, I SPENT TWO AND A HALF MONTHS, YOU MANGY OVERSIZED BEAST, GET AWAY
[11:07] Azz|zzz: and yeah, that sounds like the basis for a grudgematch to put Elmer Fudd and the bunny to shame.
[11:07] Azz|zzz: Oh, you start in like April. Inside, with grow lights.
[11:08] UrsaMajor: ahhhh, gotcha.
[11:08] Azz|zzz: If you're a serious gardener, you start out early, germinate your seeds, plant them in inside window-boxes with grow lights, and start taking them outside for the day once it gets warm enough.
[11:08] Azz|zzz: Once you're sure that the last frost is over but before they start getting too pathetic and overgrown, plant them.
[11:09] Azz|zzz: That'll be the first two weeks of June.
[11:09] * UrsaMajor nods, where i'm just at the point of "i grew tomatoes last year, why aren't they working *this* year?"
[11:09] Azz|zzz: (I believe I have had frost past my birthday, though I do not think snow.)
[11:10] Azz|zzz: In mid-July, your broccoli will be big enough for the moose to start noticing.
[11:10] Azz|zzz: They will also helpfully trim your peas for you.
[11:10] * UrsaMajor giggles
[11:11] Azz|zzz: If you're not lucky, a cow and two calves will show up around your place just as you are about to go off and shoot fireworks over the lake for 4th of July, once twilight hits around 10.
[11:12] Azz|zzz: the new year's fireworks are better, but you're gambling on how cold it's going to be; some displays are called on account of no one being able to operate matches with their gloves on.
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[11:13] * UrsaMajor chuckles
[11:13] UrsaMajor: blowtorches! oh wait.
[11:13] Azz|zzz: hahaha, that's actually something that someone might do.
[11:13] Azz|zzz: though one of those stove lighters would be more practical.
[11:14] Azz|zzz: In Alaska, shopping like a survivalist makes you practical, not crazy.

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