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Tweets for 2008-10-15

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0819: @semanticist iPhone App is GO.
  • Wednesday, 0822: That is to say,'s iPhone app is live: rt at will my friends!
  • Wednesday, 0836: @semanticist I heard there were hijinks involving getting the iPhones to the devs for this one; iPhone + Russian customs </3
  • Wednesday, 0934: @semanticist Super SUP!
  • Wednesday, 1024: @afuna 36 minutes
  • Wednesday, 1026: Ha, the results of this plot twist may mean Lovie and Jennie on the run from Bosslady. Watch Lovie freak at being without her comforts!
  • Wednesday, 1048: Have initiated social plans, scrubbed face, re-braided hair, plotted evil plotty plots for my unlikely heroine, and now go to bed.
  • Wednesday, 1501: UPS has arrived. Tea for hColleen. Their idea of good delivery practice is to ding-dong & pitch on balcony. "I delivered to your patio!" X-\
  • Wednesday, 1636: @lady_angelina It's not so much the security, because it's plenty secure on the inaccessible-from-anywhere balcony. But the PITCHING.
  • Wednesday, 1637: Also, balcony != patio, but perhaps I am standing on semantics here. Also, disrupted sleep is disrupted. :(
  • Wednesday, 2118: That dream requires burning out of my brain. Not OK with that dream. Something utterly gone from my life came back in it, with the creepy.
  • Wednesday, 2200: bits of the dream included hanging out on the Ballaine Road hill, bad driving, cops, txt to cops, dude with braided hair & gang teamdance
  • Wednesday, 2201: him being really creepy, me hiding, him looking for me, him trying to physically intimidate me & me overpowering him, me hiding in attic
  • Wednesday, 2202: & me getting flak from people for having skipped out on class in favor of not being there, all tied together with bookends about takeout??
  • Wednesday, 2211: presented w/o comment:

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