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Tweets for 2008-10-19

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0743: I had better not be too excited to sleep.
  • Sunday, 0811: Added "imperfect English" as an LJ interest, because you find absolute gems of phrasing you don't find with perfect English.
  • Sunday, 0828: jdn again leads to me laughing hard enough to disturb the roommates:
  • Sunday, 0829: @semanticist ONLY a person of whom I am an entirely mad fangirl in town and dinner with same. Also a friendly acquaintance & mutual friends.
  • Sunday, 0832: @prissi
  • Sunday, 1126: I try to write the model if not the name of the device on its plug in silver Sharpie if it's not generic. Fewer guessing games later.
  • Sunday, 1208: One of the words of the night at work was "geld". Miss Sarcasm wasn't familiar with it. We had to explain.
  • Sunday, 1230: @mayerman Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • Sunday, 1231: @mayerman suggestions comments are fun! There's very little of the characteristics found in, say, news-post comments.
  • Sunday, 1430: @ataniell93 That depends if Endymion would be comfortable with Cammie watching.
  • Sunday, 1431: @Prissi I think it's a great mnemonic, both for the beat to get the timing the right speed, and the name for remembering the song.
  • Sunday, 1450: It is by the fic of Stargate that I set my eyes in motion; it is with the feet of joggers that the words acquire speed.
  • Sunday, 1451: The clones acquire snakes; the snakes become a warning. It is by the fic of Stargate that I set my eyes in motion.
  • Sunday, 1454: via @burr86, best man fail:
  • Sunday, 1506: @ataniell93 *dies*
  • Sunday, 1634: In lieu of sleep, I polish my nails.
  • Sunday, 1705: great. Dinner tonight, and my cleavage manages to get all spotty. Thanks, TRI-SPRINTEC 28! I knew I could count on you!
  • Sunday, 2045: Had a marvelous time. Formed half of Writers Monopolizing the Conversation Bloc, with Syne as other half. Then shop talk.
  • Sunday, 2108: Job skills that really you can't list on your CV: "Battleaxe."
  • Sunday, 2119: @afuna Very much so!!
  • Sunday, 2227: I appear to have become sober. Either that, or I'm so tired I can't tell the difference between tired and drunk. I think bed in any case.
  • Sunday, 2227: Ideally at this point I would have like 16 hours of sleep. Not 16 minutes.
  • Sunday, 2234: Yeah: I'm dizzyfaced tired! Yay!

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