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I think that for once I may have linked something to Darkside without linking LJ to it, but this has been going around:

Fine fic: Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan and Dr. Who crossover:

Retired hurricane names:

When my nifty little electronic device comes with a cord, I take a silver Sharpie to the plug so I can tell what it is after it has wound up in a basket of assorted cordage somewhere, or when it's sitting anonymously taking up a power strip slot.

I've uploaded a zip of the pictures from the San Francisco leg of my trip this May/June:
The link is going to expire, so if anyone (JD, Lacey, any interested LJ peoples) want to get it, get it while the getting's good.

Whoever gave me that gorgeous chainmail necklace with the lapis scarab and the little cat dangly, it is lovely and I can't hold it for more than two minutes without my skin giving me warning tingles and possibly even blisters. I'm going to see about re-homing it somewhere. Pity, though. (myrrhianna reacts to some of the same things I react to. We'll check with hcolleen next.)

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