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Drinking Game Design

I came up with a diabolical dice-based drinking game while chatting with onyxrising. You've got a table with 20 choices, and alternates should the actual substance not be on hand. 20 numbered shotglasses filled with the beverage. Group of (drinking) gamers. D20s all around., what exactly is a critical fail for the #1 shotglass? In fact, the whole table needs filling. The best friend is useless for this, as he doesn't drink. Paging theferrett...

Any items must be reasonably available, and not harmful if consumed, although may taste disgusting. House rules are encouraged, as tastes and availability of items differ.

Table will be updated as good ideas come in.

  Primary  Backup
 20 The nectar of the gods  
 19 Best booze in the house 
 18 Good wine 
 16 Canned or bottled mixed drink 
 15 A good beer 
 14 Preferred flavor of Mountain Dew 
 13 Wine cooler 
 11 Water 
 10 Non-preferred flavor of Mountain Dew  Zima
 7 A cheap, nasty beer 
 6 Room-temperature Popov  
 5 Something listed on Buckfast
 4 Homemade knockoff of one of the failures
 3 Stale, cold, slightly burned espresso 
 2 Some vile flavor of holiday Jones Soda 
 1 Diabolical sludge Frozen mixed vegetable smoothie

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