Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Nonsense from 2007 09 12

Chaste bed
sorority of loneliness
arms, bed, heart, home
beyond fraternal twins
souls separate in time and space, parallel lives
together forever apart
second sight soul flight
feather kisses of alternate universes
no need to cry alone now
balance need and want on the trapeze scales
twin soul, twin heart, twin hand
hand to hand, mirrored dance, pacing parallel alone, reflection of joy and grief in turn.
Trade you fathers.
When did function disjoint?
disjoint, anoint
affront confront shunt cunt blunt
This kiss dismiss; dismiss my kiss. Whist schist list twist resist consist persist
reflection ton one fun sun run
scalp yelp help whelp
consider yourself
beat on the street meat eat meet greet sheet skeet shoot -
root -
substitute the fruit
little time to make a rhyme mine
three-four time
saturnine (be mine)

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