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Tweets for 2008-10-27

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0753: LJ down (not just for you)
  • Sunday, 0823: @lady_angelina No clue when #lj will be back up; ops should know but no one has confirmed in channel that they do, addicts trickling in
  • Sunday, 0827: @lady_angelina * Sophie has changed the topic on channel #lj_support to Welcome to #LJAnonymous. We feel your pain, too. ::
  • Sunday, 0839: @bekijane No, the planned #LJ downtime was for the 29th. Someone's calling someone to make sure ops know.
  • Sunday, 0845: @bekijane welcome. ;) Am just grumpy that it died while I was loading a fic. Though it's bedtime anyway for all good Lunatics!
  • Sunday, 1350: Reading IRC scrollback. Wow, looks like I missed a lot of LJ-suck. :(
  • Sunday, 1351: (the woez is for the lj-suck; I'm very glad I missed it. If IRC were to go down at the same time as LJ there would be a mass panic.)
  • Sunday, 1352: @lady_angelina Not so much really 'looking into this' as knowing how very much I am addicted & knowing others are too! ;-P
  • Sunday, 1354: @derumi Woo, now they have updated; saw in IRC that there was a bit of a shuffle to find someone who could Sunday AM
  • Sunday, 1629: Back from #nanowrimo East Valley Phoenix kickoff. Still be-stickered, wearing my LJ shirt. Plotting!
  • Sunday, 1826: Glow-in-the-dark vs. sparkle-in-the-sunlight
  • Sunday, 1827: @emptybackpack I looked for you at the kickoff; couldn't make it?
  • Sunday, 1901: Political: crossover fanart:
  • Sunday, 1932: When I have to explain it, it dawns on me that really it is hard to imagine this man being more attached to me.
  • Sunday, 1933: @emptybackpack Aha. One of *those*.
  • Sunday, 1942: @semanticist Script did not post for yesterday?
  • Sunday, 1952: Fortune: "To be mature is to accept imperfections."
  • Sunday, 2121: I have never actually smoked cigarettes, but sometimes I get the urge to anyway. Doubt I will ever, but it's weird to have that craving.
  • Sunday, 2136: Trying pomegranate raspberry wine cooler.
  • Sunday, 2222: @kestrelct It is all right: nicely tart and fruity, although I am not such a big fan of tart. Bartles & Jaymes.
  • Sunday, 2243: Not feeling so hot. Should eat something eventually. Meanwhile, time to go read quietly.
  • Monday, 0005: Need something to write to capture the creepiness that I feel thinking of encryption/lost messages/messages that arrive despite loss.
  • Monday, 0009: Ahahahahaha LJ.
  • Monday, 0244: OK! Now I know I can read Connie Willis's Passage any time I need a tearjerker.
  • Monday, 0251: @afuna pong ping?

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