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Tweets for 2008-10-28

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0005: Need something to write to capture the creepiness that I feel thinking of encryption/lost messages/messages that arrive despite loss.
  • Monday, 0009: Ahahahahaha LJ.
  • Monday, 0244: OK! Now I know I can read Connie Willis's Passage any time I need a tearjerker.
  • Monday, 0251: @afuna pong ping?
  • Monday, 1134: Woke up to do laundry. Am updating my clippings file for a run of funtimes.
  • Monday, 1149: On SUP LJ, you harass workplace. :-P (this will make sense in context somewhat later. I am just bystander.)
  • Monday, 1310: @ataniell93 Very yes. :D
  • Monday, 1321: @mayerman what your sister said.
  • Monday, 1327: Sent email to aunts.
  • Monday, 1328: @marcelle42 Ack! My bad. I keep confusing you with @nudaydreamer in my head, actually.
  • Monday, 1328: @mayerman What @marcelle42 said, then
  • Monday, 1442: Heading off to bother best friend. :D
  • Monday, 2233: My dear sir. I understand that I mumble. I'd thought that 'December' and 'summer' were not hard to tell apart, however.
  • Monday, 2242: You know why LJ was sucking this weekend? DDoSers, that's why:
  • Monday, 2245: Miffed that I will now be mistaken for an MS OS:
  • Monday, 2321: @afuna aha, no -- that would be
  • Monday, 2325: ... it's real.
  • Tuesday, 0223: Steamed some rice. I was hungrier than I thought. I think I had better get some sleep, as I've been sleeping short.

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