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Tweets for 2008-11-4

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0044: In happier news (LJ post locked for angst) "under the table" is now a running joke.
  • Tuesday, 0045: Going to bed early because the ultrasound wound up meaning 4 hours of sleep.
  • Tuesday, 0630: Closed out yesterday with 6042. Should try and get ahead today.
  • Tuesday, 0633: @nanowrimo I hope you guys are OK. You've been down for over 6 hours now.
  • Tuesday, 1152: Our example ballots had George Washington, Abraham Lincoln (I think) and then John Adams for the write-in.
  • Tuesday, 1221: Saw a guy wearing a robe with a boom box and pool noodle walking straight to polling place. Except he went into adjacent pool instead.
  • Tuesday, 1230: My braid is not yet long enough to wrap all the way around my head. It will be in about six more inches of braid.
  • Tuesday, 1802: Today is so not going to be a productive writing day. Have voted, have ... left this sitting here since noon. I'm awake now!
  • Tuesday, 1942: Called out from work on account of CANNOT THINK.
  • Tuesday, 2011: @marcelle42 I'm still not letting myself breathe quite
  • Tuesday, 2105: My dear ex-fiance BJ, please go suck a bag of cocks. This is for 2000, ass.
  • Tuesday, 2129: McCain made his concession speech. Nicely done. There was cheering from our downstairs neighbors during. We provided some cheering too.
  • Tuesday, 2215: Myrrhianna's dad classifies this election as a "whupping".
  • Tuesday, 2229: Earwormed in #politics: R.E.M. High Speed Train
  • Tuesday, 2310: I have renicked to |teapatty in IRC. We know what this means.
  • Tuesday, 2322: Random things that squick me: bleeding-mouth pictures.
  • Tuesday, 2334: @omnivorously It is a chic new trend in userpics, which means I run into them on LJ.

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