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Tweets for 2008-11-8

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 0818: Phoenix just got a good trouting:
  • Saturday, 0930: When I hear "cold fusion", I think less science fiction and more "migod, another programming language I don't speak to troubleshoot".
  • Saturday, 0941: Dashwood really does have a million ways to be cruel, yes. ;)
  • Saturday, 0952: Someday we may communicate solely in lolcats.
  • Saturday, 1033: Last night I heard an updated remake of "Boys of Summer". This is not supposed to happen?! Also, RHPS makes me think of the best friend.
  • Saturday, 1153: Caught up somewhat at work today by dint of hyperfocus, headphones, and skipping lunch. Again.
  • Saturday, 1201: There are very few words to describe how appalled I am:
  • Saturday, 1314: People that I think would get along, placeholder: @emptybackpack (also lj), lj thewhiteowl, lj thette.
  • Saturday, 1503: @mayerman I am old enough to remember prior LAPD brutality as breaking news, not historical horror.
  • Saturday, 2125: @coffeechica Maybe you can ask D to crack the whip at you? She got 10k words out of me one day. It was awesome and kinda scary.

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