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Tweets for 2008-11-9

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0739: @coffeechica Me either. It is not that I am stalled, it is that I am lifed.
  • Sunday, 0739: @emptybackpack thewhiteowl is a relatively new volunteer, and thette and I go way internet-back. Got the feeling you three might click.
  • Sunday, 0743: I am not a happy little hen. Chin goes this way, hands go that way, and I have my rock, and my rock, and my rock.
  • Sunday, 0903: The woolly socks that boojum knit are still excellent for warmth and comfort.
  • Sunday, 1340: Not so much with the coherent enough for write-in. Back to bed.
  • Sunday, 1428: Busy best friend is busy. He still makes me smile, and that is better than not.
  • Sunday, 1614: Frak, Mary needs a surname.
  • Sunday, 1615: @coffeechica Added you on NaNo. You are way ahead of me like by 2k. D is only lightly cracking the whip at me.
  • Sunday, 1712: There are children outside meowing.
  • Sunday, 1725: Sound. Fury. All this signifies I'll have a headache in about 30 if I don't eat something.
  • Sunday, 1726: @ataniell93 Hee! Though I suspect it was one of the local kids talking to Bigfoot or the stripy orange thing. (Stray cats.)
  • Sunday, 1925: @coffeechica way to be whipcracked at! Go, you!
  • Sunday, 1930: @coffeechica As soon as I get enough foodz in me to be a coherent writer again, I will probably join you! We can commiserate between 1000s.
  • Sunday, 1957: @coffeechica What, like she was supposed to sleep on the floor or something? :-P
  • Sunday, 1957: Still dizzyfaced. I may need to sleep before I can coherent again.
  • Sunday, 2046: I still love the line "He has all the cunning of a sixteen-year-old girl who's read too many spy novels" so much. Crashie now.

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