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Unfinished Essays: X Reasons why Someone Wants to Crack Your Security:

This is from 2006 or early 2007, so not everything is going to be relevant now.

  1. You have valuable information, like industrial/military secrets, or maybe serious Harry Potter spoilers.

  2. Someone close to you is nosy and wants to go through your private stuff.

  3. Someone has a grudge on you and wants to dig up dirt, even if there isn't actually any.

  4. Your own information isn't very interesting, but there's a chance that someone close to you has interesting information that you have access to. (Think: JK Rowling's literary agent, George Lucas's copy-editor, Donald Trump's secretary, someone on brad's friendslist.)

  5. You're in possession of some information you didn't realize was hot.

  6. They couldn't care less about your personal info, but from your account they can get inside dirt on the technical details of the operation. (Most common in corporate/government settings.)

  7. Woo, an account got set up by a legit user, so they may not notice for a few hours when 10 of my buddies and I start using your account to plaster goatse all over LJ.

  8. You may not have anything interesting stored, but that person who trusts you won't suspect a thing if I use your account to ask them something they'd never tell me.

  9. You're rich, and they can hax your money.

  10. You're not rich, but they can drain your account just as well, and it's a little less well-guarded.

  11. You're not rich and have no money, but a credit card in your name spends better than one in theirs.

  12. They really hate you and want to screw you over by committing assorted fraud in your name.

  13. This account of yours has no important stuff ... except you have it set up as the secondary, in case of lockout, account on those things that are important.

  14. It was there; they were bored.

  15. They have no interest in your personal details, but your machine is unguarded and will make a great minion in a zombie botnet that is trying to take over the world, or at least take down for 3 seconds.

Types of Hack Attacks:

  • Guess the password cold

  • Guess the password based on their knowledge of you

  • Watch the keystrokes, guess the password

  • Guess the password based on general most common used words

  • Guess the password based on nonspecific interests

  • Use a program that runs words through the password

  • Use a program that runs letter combos at your password.

  • Find where you have your password written down


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