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Tweets for 2008-11-16

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0103: @gilbert
  • Sunday, 0112: I'm at New Horizons -
  • Sunday, 0521: The meal options here for overnight shift, really not so hot. -
  • Sunday, 0746: I'm at Chandler -
  • Sunday, 0812: @sofiaviolet All kinds of awesome!
  • Sunday, 0813: @cassandraclare I was going to say, your colors were a little weird there!
  • Sunday, 0814: @cassandraclare Settings, Design, Change Design Colors at the bottom right.
  • Sunday, 0825: @cassandraclare Oh I see what you mean. No, the background you can modify is the rest of the screen; the middle stays white. Not like LJ.
  • Sunday, 0857: - PictureMail
  • Sunday, 0911: @cassandraclare I am an all-LJ, all-the-time kind of girl. ;)
  • Sunday, 0912: @purpure Oh dear, my wine cooler was not meant to be administered nasally.
  • Sunday, 0941: One wine cooler, and I am drunker than a very drunk thing! I have my typing gloves on. Be warned.
  • Sunday, 1042: Far less drunk now. Will be sober by writeup time!
  • Sunday, 1054: @nudaydreamer It is indeed! It is also, relatively speaking according to my shift, appx 9pm on a Friday night.
  • Sunday, 1055: The joys of a Tuesday-Sunday, 10:30pm-7am work week are many! This is why my dear best friend and I have our Mondays now.
  • Sunday, 1056: @nudaydreamer I would probably catch on literal fire if I attempted to take Catholic communion. Though I am v. lightweight boozewise.
  • Sunday, 1104: Hanging upside downish putting books in box reminds me that no, I don't recover as fast as I thought I do! But I have 1 more box packed.
  • Sunday, 1152: 300-odd words later, I am of sound mind, clear head, and stuffed nose; have laundry-free floor, and talked to parentals.
  • Sunday, 1204: @afuna Are you in bed? You should be.
  • Sunday, 1247: @sarahdopp There's always disemvowelling; looks like you have more control than say LJ?
  • Sunday, 1251: OK, hair is all braided. Time for shower!
  • Sunday, 1401: the goatse pretzel
  • Sunday, 1415: #nanowrimo insanity in East Valley Phoenix. Massive geekery.
  • Sunday, 1421: @seldonfound This is Miss Lunatic from across the table.
  • Sunday, 1421: I'm at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (1056 S Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ) -
  • Sunday, 1439: Our ML needs a shirt that says "Keep talking; I like watching your lips move." Robert's Rules on getting served. OH SNAP.
  • Sunday, 1506: Our ML put the goatse pretzel in her mouth, then had to keep @seldonfound from eating it. Dirt on Jim and Red Hat. Win.
  • Sunday, 1516: "Don't inappropriately touch my pumpkins." Johnny Cash and the forefinger action. I am now "Livejournal". Word war HO.
  • Sunday, 1517: @seldonfound and our ML ate the goatse pretzel like a wishbone.
  • Sunday, 1547: And Zombie Jesus leads to Raptor Jesus on ED, and much, much, much giggling. (I am on too much caffeine here, gods help us all)
  • Sunday, 1552: "My throat hurts." "That's what she said." (Way too much giggling from them.) And the bogus countdowns. I kept skipping 4.
  • Sunday, 1555: Matt will take over Patagonia, he says. Everyone will have an address of 1337 on their street. And the Fail memorial highway.
  • Sunday, 1558: @seldonfound WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?!
  • Sunday, 1642: I'm at Chandler -
  • Sunday, 1649: Ohhhh man my throat hurts from all that laughing.
  • Sunday, 1715: I still cannot explain this afternoon, other than:
  • Sunday, 1931: Called parents this morning. Dad thinks I am really hitting my stride as a writer. Go, me. (Dad reads LJ on the sly.)
  • Sunday, 1938: No two characters are not on fire.
  • Sunday, 1944: @coffeechica, @nudaydreamer, my characters just caught on fire.
  • Sunday, 1951: "It was a continuity error, but it had gotten way dark all of a sudden, " >_< *headdesk* but this is what no edits means.

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