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Assorted from the past several days

PSA: Please consider what is on top of your altar and your own habits when choosing an altarcloth, if you use them. I would be ill-advised to pick anything expensive or that would be ruined by ash or wax spilling on it, especially colorful waxy fingerprints. I know someone who has switched to an altar topped in either stone or heavy tile, because they are somewhat apt to setting theirs on actual fire.

This public service announcement is brought to you apropos of me having to wash that piece of cloth I keep on top of mine.

Yesterday I managed to stay up for about 23.5 hours, and then collapse and sleep for a full 8 hours. Today is going to be first housework and moving preparations and writing and then probably time with the best friend, after which I will collapse. Or write.

On Thursday, some of the notables from my old workplace (tagged as "work2") met up at China Chili downtown. The discerning will recognize what it is that I find so very hilarious about their website. I was very late, and came in just as the party was finishing up. There was a good gossip, however. I wound up sitting between Management (whom I adore) and the Queen Bee (my nemesis). The Queen Bee's daughter was there, and the lady from the back who I saw at Trader Joe's on a regular basis, and Lobot, and the Guru, and the Office Lady with the Braid, and Traveling Manager, and someone else I didn't recognize at all, and probably more.

The Guru was talking about the shocking stuff you can find on the internet (I mentioned goatse; no one had heard of it; I had to describe it; the Guru said that he would have his wife, his internet guinea pig, Google it for him) and the stuff they show on TV these days, and how the content of the Cartoon Network really differs based on what time of day it was. He mentioned that he'd wound up watching a bit of something (Metalocalypse), wherein the animated bass player plays his bass with his penis. Google and I got together later, and it turns out that the sequence in question is the opening of "Birthdayface". Another 5-minute Google search. He also mentioned some puppet sex, where he said that just when you thought that they'd done too much and it could not possibly get worse, then it did. I tracked that down as well, and ... well, cue me not being shocked. Am I hopelessly jaded? At any rate, Traveling Manager said that I could probably find it on YouTube, and that the SouthPark guys probably wouldn't mind it being up there. Given the description, I frowned and said that while they might not mind it being on YouTube, YouTube might mind it being on them; perhaps I should try with xTube or PornoTube.

No one at the table with me had heard of either of these.

Later on, the Guru said something about Goat Tube, conflating the two. (I was reminded of the hysterical laughter I got in response to the proposal that LJ put in a dev-cam, to be called "Goat See".)

I conveyed jai_dit's greetings; Management said hi back.

Link Soup: - something that should never happen -- dictionaries -- what a shocker. -- a dictionary of Cammie -- Goldendoodles, and why they are hazardous. My aunt needs to see this. -- secure your LJ account.

Apropos of something in IRC: when jai_dit and I say "Oh dear" in that tone of voice, half the time it means "pass the popcorn".

I can moderate some areas. I entirely refuse to consider moderating others. For the record.

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